A Coronet


A box of unsold copies of this 2015 reissue surfaced recently. It's an old record, but one I know a few people enjoyed.

From the ITLAN press release:

A Coronet is the long-lost second album by Tissø Lake. A collection of songs etched onto reel-to-reel tape by a nineteen-year-old Ian Humberstone in Exeter, 2006. Three versions of this record were released on CDr in 2007, each with different track-listings and cover art (there were 200 copies in total – all sold-away into the world at house shows across the Northern Hemisphere by the end of that year). This record compiles the pick of those tracks on one album.

Creaking wood. Tape hiss. The birdsong out the window. A dream of a crown buried by water, half glimpsed in the river. A pair of eyes in the waterweeds, speaking with a melodeon’s bilious rasp. A coronation in the wild. These forgotten sounds were dredged up from their ferric riverbeds in 2015, the mud and sedge picked at, the waters drained away.