Black Water


• 12-inch vinyl in reverse board printed sleeve
• Includes insert and download code
• Limited to 100 copies
• Released by DVRC 2022

Side A: Hesten, Black Water, The Storm, The Holy Name of Fire Side B: Out from Black Water, Black Water (reprise)

Black Water is a collection of songs recollecting an ill-omened night-hike through the remote island Varaldsøy in 2017. The tracks pick out scenes from the trip: marching off alone along a coastal path in the direction of an upland ridge called Hesten (The Horse); trudging east through a storm several hours later into pathless forest and the ominously named Svartavatnet (Black Water); stumbling down the mountain road at midnight, the woods humming with bioluminescence.

The album was the last to be tracked to two-inch tape at Chamber Studio in Edinburgh, before their machine was packed up and sold away. It features guest spots from drummer Owen Curtis Williams (Withered Hand, eagleowl), and strings arranged by Pete Harvey (Modern Studies) performed by The Pumpkinseeds. It was recorded and mixed by Graeme Young at Chamber, and mastered by Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering, Dartmoor.

Released October 18, 2022. The album is the first instalment in the DVRC Lantern Series.

Limited to 100 copies in reverse board printed sleeve with liner notes. Includes download code.

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